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You are not satisfied with the quality of your photos in the dark?

To help you achieve good quality photos and videos even in low light conditions will help this accessory.

This selfie light contains 36 bright LEDs that will give you great lighting for photography.

This selfie ring light is compact and has light weight, it is convenient to use.

You can take pictures anywhere, dark night clubs, parties, Camping, etc.

With this selfie ring light we will never have to worry about bad lighting.

It is really a great gift for those you love.

36 led bulbs can provide enough light for you to make high-quality images.

Just clamp this clamp flexible ring light for your smartphone and hit the power button and you will get additional coverage.

It will also help you to get higher quality pictures and video, when natural light is not available.

The surface of the flexible clamp is covered with a soft elastic material that helps reduce the protective friction between the clip and your mobile phone.

The case is made of high quality plastic and LEDs, bright and functional, durable and shockproof.

Selfie Ring Light

This accessory applies to professional tools for live broadcasts, Live show, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, video communication, blogging, selfie, music making and other platforms. It can also be used as a lamp for reading books.

Instrument lights, and cell phone holder are made in one unit.

Phone holder supports most smartphones, it has a width range from 2.34 to 3.35 minimum to the maximum.

The clip can be wide open, so is suitable for mounting to various thickness the edge of the table, which is very convenient in practical use.

Flexible holder for selfie light length 62cm, flexible holder for phone holder 36cm.  Two branches of the Flexible holder offers the user complete flexibility in the angle adjustment full 360° rotation, this gives you the ability to adjust to any comfortable angle.

High image quality is provided by 12 cold warm LEDs and 12 LEDs that provide an opportunity to support 9-level brightness and 3 modes of light: cold white, warm white and mixed.

Mobile Phone Holder With Led Selfie Ring Phone Flash Light


Being in the heart of the city bustle, we are afraid to lose communcation with the world and reflexively looking for an outlet in which to plug the phone in to recharge. But what if the outlet near there? Have in his pocket a device that is able any time to give the required amount of energy to the tablet or phone is essential.

In more simple models power bank 18650 battery set, to replace are not so difficult. The advantage of lithium-ion batteries is more rapid impact of electricity but these other companies may differ in the smaller side from the specified parameters. In our company the value specified on the housing sootvetstvuet real value. Another positive quality of batteries is the ability to be stored for long periods of energy.

The maximum amount of energy, a real battery capacity.

Power Bank 20000mAh with LCD

Wireless version Bluetooth 4.1 has a very good transmission quality, low power consumption.

To listen to music really for a long time, about 8 hours in listening mode.

Wireless bluetooth headphones with MIC for phone, tablet, TV etc

To connect you must enable the headphones, enable Bluetooth on the phone.

Very good sound quality, clean, everything in order with the "bass-voice", directly with them to answer the phone if someone called.

Minimalism design speakers headphones - not the wide rim of the headphones, the speakers are not bulky, not great no noticeable buttons.

Three options for sleeves will help You catch more headphones in your ear. The microphone works perfectly and the person will also be great to hear from you.


Smart watches gained its popularity due to its advanced characteristics. the advantages and disadvantages of smart watches.

The smart watch (smart watch) is a wrist watch has received additional functionality, in addition to time tracking.

Materials. Here in front, of course, the famous American brand. Materials of higher quality and durable, straps are more comfortable, besides replacement.

Screen. The displays have similar diagonal, but the latter and the resolution is higher and stronger than glass.

Device support. Here in this moment many seem more universal. The fact that they can work and сonnect to Android devices, and iOS. Gadget from Apple, you can only connect to iOS.

GPS tracker Q50

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